COVID Policies

Keeping You Entertained & Keeping You Safe

Our event has been specially designed with social distancing in mind. It’s been at the forefront of our conceptualisation and planning and will be an important part of your experience. Here’s more info on how that will look in real life

What to do if you have COVID symptoms
Customers are advised that if they are displaying any COVID symptoms they must not attend the event.
The Rule Of Six
The ‘rule of six’ as set out by the UK Govt and the devolved administrations applies at all of our events until further notice. As a reminder, when meeting friends and family you do not live with (or have formed a support bubble with) you must not meet in a group of more than 6, indoors or outdoors.
Ticketing & Check In

All tickets must be purchased online as there will be no on-site box office. Tickets can be displayed on your dashboard or scanned from your phone (remotely) ensuring a completely contactless purchase and check-in procedure.

Food Ordering & Delivery
Food can be ordered and paid for remotely using our very own ‘Butlr’ app. Once ready the food will be delivered directly to your car by one of our team. Details on where to download the app will be sent to you in the ‘Event Guide’ that will be emailed to you shortly before your event day.

Toilets, including accessible toilets, will be provided at all event venues. Guests who need to use the facilities must follow social distancing restrictions and instructional signs. All toilets will be monitored by an attendant to ensure comfort and cleanliness. Toilet use will be limited to one adult at a time. Small children may be accompanied by an adult.

Queue Management

Queues for the toilets and other ‘out of car’ areas will be subject to social distancing protocols with customers asked to maintain a safe distance from each other. Our event staff will be on hand to advise on this and make sure that rules are being respected.

Hand Sanitation

Dedicated hand sanitation stations will be located at various locations around the event site. We encourage all customers to use these during any trips they need to make from their car.

Travel Restrictions
Customers must adhere to the prevailing travel restrictions in their locality. In the event that travel restrictions prevent you from attending our event then a full refund will be issued.